When I decided that I wanted to start hosting art shows for other artists, I looked around for someone who had high intrinsic motivation, valued his or her art, and could represent himself or herself in a professional manner. My goal was to show work that was created from a deep and true place from within the artist. I was looking for something special. 

And with that in mind, I found myself intrigued by Topher McGovern's photography images on Facebook. I messaged him and he agreed to meet with me. My original intention was to offer him a spot in a group show. But when I saw his work in person and listened to him talk about it, I immediately felt it merited its own spotlight.

Topher beautifully creates moods and textures, breathing life into his photographs, from dazzling cityscapes to tranquil seascapes. His use of line takes the viewer on a journey through the image, giving it a sense of motion and fluidity. Enhanced by his choice of metallic prints, his work succeeds in producing a three dimensional quality, with rich depth and luminosity. This exhibit is truly a treat you won't want to miss!

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