I accepted an invitation to visit some of Santa Cruz's Open Studios with artist Ed Smiley without really knowing what I was getting myself into. We started out at the Santa Cruz Art League bright and early, before the studios were actually "open." We visited so many artists' studios that day I actually lost count. After about three hours (not even halfway through our day) I was already tired and feeling like I had taken myself on a more than satisfying art field trip. However, I discovered Ed's invincible stamina for viewing and appreciating art. Ed voraciously feeds on art, especially paintings, and seems to have an insatiable hunger for more. I observed him transfixed as he contemplated image after image with complete attention, fully engaging with each artwork. From time to time he shared his thoughts with me, always insightful and intelligent. Ed's unbridled passion for art is as impressive as his knowledge of art history and his contemporaries. He was warmly greeted by artist after artist, all of whom appeared delighted to have him in attendance. Although exhausted beyond belief, the day was richly inspiring, and only in part by all the wonderful art. Ed's enthusiasm for art and art process, left me with the desire to view, collect, and learn about art as much as humanly possible. His website is chock full of his musings and a handy list of resources and artists in the Santa Cruz area as well as images of his work. 

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